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The most important thing you can do when caring for your pet is make sure that it remains healthy. Your pet cannot tell you what is wrong so you must be alert to changes in your pet's behavior. Knowing when to call your vet is very important, but it can be hard to know if there's really something wrong or not.

Knowing your pet's normal behavior is important. First of all, what are it's eating and elimination habits? Some pets eat their meals in one sitting, while others eat bites all day. If your pet has had a change in appetite, this could indicate a problem.

A healthy pet is worth a million smiles! As a pet lover it's vital that you learn the basics of animal health as well as good nutrition.

Pets aren't just creatures that add ornamental value to your home. They are living beings and need to be fed, loved as well as tended to while in disease, just as you would feed, love and take care of a family member or a young one.

Dogs and Cats and whatever pet you own are lovable creatures and can add a lot of fun, excitement and happiness in your life, provided they stay healthy.

Your pet's daily activities should also be somewhat regular. If your pet is always playing and then suddenly seems less active, you may have cause for concern. However, slowly becoming less active is a natural part of aging, and some pets are naturally just not as energetic as others. Make sure you note sudden chances and call your vet if you are concerned. Watch for problems with gait as well, as this could indicate arthritis or injury, among other things. Along with activity, watch grooming habits. Most pets are very neat and tidy creatures by nature, so your pet should be grooming regularly.

It is also important to know when there is an emergency situation. In general, if there is any doubt in your mind, call your vet or even take your pet straight to the vet's office.

The important thing is to never take matters into your own hands if you are unsure. A vet can make sure that your pet is healthy and happy. As a guardian for your pet, it is your responsibility to provide this care whenever necessary, and its always best to be safe.