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For all your requirements to keep your chirpy friend happy and healthy Shop at PetSmart.com where you will find bird cages and stands, accessories, feed, feeders, health care products, toys, treats, travel carriers, and more. Perhaps your bird would like a heated perch! Be sure to visit the Bird Education Center particularly if you are thinking about becoming a Bird Lover.

How To Care For Your Pet Bird.

how to care for birds

If you own or are thinking of owning a pet bird, you need "How To Care For Your Pet Bird", Practical Advice by Dr. Joel Murphy. This book is so comprehensive and detailed that it is literally a bird owner's bible.

How to Build an Aviary

how to build an aviary

'How To Build An Aviary' details step-by-step how to build your very own aviary. This guide will show you:

- How to save 80% on building costs and several hundred dollars along the way
- Aviary designs for large, small, triangular, indoor, outdoor, breeding rooms and more
- The 5 most common aviary building mistakes and how to avoid them
- Everything you need to know about heating and aviary temperature control
- Breeding secrets - how to raise chicks and grow your own flock
- Plus much more... Check out the website now 'How To Build An Aviary'


Stop Your Parrot From Biting, Train Tricks, Speech & More

Parrot Secrets: Four ebooks covering:
BOOK ONE : How to Get Your Parrot To Talk And Do Astonishing Tricks
BOOK TWO : "How To Get My Parrot To Love Me"
BOOK THREE : A Happy Parrot Diet...
BOOK FOUR : How To Choose Your First Parrot Wisely...
Visit Parrot Secrets to find out more.

Elite Parrots Club - Multimedia Membership Site

Before you purchase a parrot:

Read this article: Buying a Parrot

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Birds in Your Yard

Interested in feeding and caring for birds that visit your yard?

The Bird Shed

The Backyard Birders Choice Website for all supplies. - Hummingbird Feeders, Purple Martins, Bird Houses, Decorative Bird Houses, Bird Feeders, Decorative Bird Feeders, Wildlife Feeders & Houses, Window Feeders, Bat Houses, Lady Bug Houses, Butterflies & Bees, "Going Green" Birding Products, Bird Baths, Wind Chimes, Weathervanes, Binoculars & Optics, Beginner's Guides, Birding Books, Gift Certificates.

Attracting birds to your yard - read this article

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Information on Building a chicken coop - includes a free ebook and links to additional articles and resources to get you started.

For all your Chicken Coop needs Shop at Petsmart.com where you will find a variety of chicken coops and accessories.

Wooden Bird Cages

Gone are the days of boring bird cages. Today's bird cages are trendy. They are stylish. They make a statement about the owner's taste and lifestyle. Bird cages can blend in artfully with the décor or they can stand in bold contrast. Bird cages are available in many different themes and styles. Modern, whimsical, simplistic, Victorian, Oriental, Tuscan, Arabian --bird cages are available in these styles and more.

Some of the most beautiful cages in any style are wooden bird cages. They can be made of most any wood--cherry, oak, pine, maple, and even laminate. For most any wood décor, there is a wooden bird cage to match. And, if you can't find an existing bird cage, one can be made to match.

For all their beauty, though, there are some things to consider before buying a wooden bird cage. For example, wooden bird cages are difficult to clean. They can be very challenging to disinfectant and sanitize, as germs and bacteria can get into the grains.

If you own a parrot, it is definitely best to avoid wooden bird cages. Parrots enjoy chewing the wood.

Wooden bird cages are available online in a variety of sizes. They can also be custom ordered to your exact specifications. Though used wooden bird cages are available, they should be avoided. These cages could pose a significant health risk to your bird and your family.
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