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It is called as the Aquarium of the Pacific because the visitors that usually pass by here are those who are passengers of journeys all the way through the three major regions of the Pacific Ocean like the Southern California, Tropical and Northern Pacific. It has been one of their most favorite spots. 

Usually these ancient aquariums only had one side that was made of glass, with the other three sides being made of metal or wood. Most aquariums consisted of fish that were native to the region of its owner simply because of availability. Also most old school fish tanks contained only fresh water fish. 

However, regulating the light is important keeping the light on for too long can stress out your fish and promote the excessive growth of algae. If you have nocturnal fish, turning out the light gives them a chance to emerge from their daytime sleeping spots. Depending on the type of coral and plantlife in your tank, you may be able to get away with using this type of lamp if they are typically those that don't require high levels of light. 

<li><u>Detoxifying the aquariums</u> Dead aquatic organisms, byproducts of metabolic activities in the fish and other aquarium residents and the excretion products of your fish will definitely introduce some toxic products in your aquarium tank. Some toxic materials can also enter from the external environment, such as when things drop into your tank or when some microorganisms enter through the air. 

Although we may really feel the weather outside, your aquarium fish are more likely to suffer from any drastic changes to temperature which occurs inside the aquarium. So the fol... Keywords: aquariums, water features, gardens Article Body: When it comes to looking after your aquarium you need to be focussed on providing care all year-round. 

Tennessee Aquarium has incorporated artistic exhibits to encourage people of any age. It gives appeal to everyone and ignites curiosity to explore the entire place. Fresh water exhibits are awesome. Newly added salt water exhibits are spectacular displaying all creatures living in salt water including all sharks varieties.