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Dwarf Hamster Guide - Learn The Tips, Techniques & Secrets That Will Have Your Hammy Running All Over You With Appreciation. Many owners make the mistake of treating dwarf hamsters like they would larger hamsters. But the fact of the matter is, dwarf hamsters require highly specialized care. There are many little details you must know if you want your dwarf hammy to live to her maximum lifespan.

Pot belly pigs can be the cutest, most affectionate and lovable pets you can own. But before buying one as a pet, you should learn all you can about potbelly pig ownership. "Pot Belly Secrets" details the many aspects of pig care and ownership.

Rabbits - Learn the Right (and the Wrong) Way to Care For And Train A Rabbit. The manual "The Definitive Guide For Rabbit Owners" has been designed to be the quickest and easiest way to learn about practical rabbit care and training.
Inside this entertaining guide you'll get absolutely everything any rabbit owner would need to give their rabbit a happy, healthy, home life.